We believe students play a vital role in the life of the Church. Not only do we offer an energetic worship service with incredible teaching, but we offer a place for students grades 6-12 to build genuine relationships with other students and grow in their relationships with Christ. Did we mention the food is pretty awesome, too? After the worship service, students will then break out into gender-specific Life Groups led by our adult leaders.

You do not want to miss this amazing environment every Sunday from 5:00-7:00 p.m. here at our North Crestview campus! It’s the best night of the week!

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Mitch Summers
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News & Announcements

No Students April 21: Crosspoint Students will not be meeting over Easter weekend. Enjoy celebrating with family and friends!

New Series – Underrated: Have you ever felt underrated or underestimated because of your age? Join us starting April 28 as we look at what was said to a young church leader named Timothy and we’ll find that when it comes to our faith, instead of being underrated, we can own it.

Study Hall: Crosspoint Students will be opening up the North Crestview Cafe area on Tuesday afternoons from 2:00-4:00 p.m. for students who want to socialize, play games, and get ahead on homework. Contact Ryan Klug for more information.

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SUNDAY |  5:00-7:00 p.m.

You will find a fun, engaging service designed specifically for students grades 6-12. At Crosspoint you will experience some incredible music, great food, crazy games and you might just laugh your head off. The students will then break out into Small Groups. Small Groups are gender specific and are led by a group leader. We feel the best environment for life change happens in circles not in rows. You do not want to miss this amazing environment every Sunday from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on our North Crestview Campus, 6268 Old Bethel Rd.

WEDNESDAY |  6:00-7:00 p.m.

Want to learn more about God, the Bible, Christianity, the Church, and our place in it all? Discover Crosspoint Students will be held at our South Crestview campus from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights periodically throughout the year. This time is designed for students in grades 6-12.


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Miss out on attending a Sunday night and want to catch up on the past message series? Check out our Vimeo page to view recent sermons from Crosspoint Students and other Crosspoint worship services from both our North Crestview and South Crestview campuses.

Have you ever felt underrated or underestimated because of your age? Join us starting April 28 as we look at what was said to a young church leader named Timothy and we’ll find that when it comes to our faith, instead of being underrated, we can own it.

If you knew your time on Earth was coming to an end, what would you want your last words be to the people in your life? For Jesus, the days leading up to His death were filled with meaningful conversations that show us what He really wanted His followers—both then and now—to know. Join us starting Sunday, March 24, to learn about Jesus’ famous last words!

Wouldn’t it be great if connecting with God was as simple as sending a direct message? While it may not look just like a DM on Instagram, the good news is that talking to God may be easier than we think! Starting on March 3, we’ll look at how prayer can help us connect with God in a very real way.

When it comes to sex, we all have certain ideas and expectations of what it should—or shouldn’t—be about. But what if all those thoughts and ideas are actually missing the mark? In this three week series we take a look at God’s design for sex and discover that there’s more to it than we think. Click here to view the first message in the series.

Prayer is something many of us want to get better at, but we don’t always know how. Join us starting January 6 for a series that explores what prayer is, what prayer does, and how Jesus teaches us to pray!

Christmas is the most magical time of year, except when it isn’t—when nothing looks like the Christmas we see in commercials, movies, and even our friends’ families. In this series, we’ll discover that, even when Christmas doesn’t live up to our expectations, because of Jesus, we still have a reason to celebrate.

Do you have questions about Christianity, or how Christianity should respond to issues going on in our world? Throughout this series, we will answer difficult questions in the light of how God wants us to approach hot topics in our society. Students will be given a chance to ask questions they have about our faith, or what the Bible says we should believe and do about these hard topics.

When it comes to the Bible, do you ever wonder what all the fuss is about? In this series, we’ll unpack what the big deal is as we discover that the Bible can be a useful and powerful tool that impacts our lives today.

As followers of Jesus, we’re part of a movement that began thousands of years ago — a movement that’s still alive today! It’s called the church. In this series “Together,” we’ll explore exactly how the early church began this movement and how we can move forward further and faster when we’re following Jesus together.

Hear from the next generation of students and leaders share their hearts in this message “Fresh Words From A New Generation.”

Crosspoint Students’ new series “Inside Out” is kicked off on July 8. God calls us to serve and share His love with the people around us. If we’re being honest though, this doesn’t always come easy. But as we’ll see in this series, the way we serve and love not only has the power to change and impact others’ lives, but our lives as well. It can change the world—and us—from the inside out.

Want to relive all that God did during Mission Northwest? Check out this short video highlighting Mission Northwest and hear firsthand our students share how Mission Northwest impacted their life.

In this two-week series called “Tricked”, we’ll talk about the tricky nature of temptation and how God frees us from the negative feelings that can accompany our unwise choices.

We all have a tendency to judge and hate on others, but we often make those calls without all the facts. In other words, we don’t always see the big picture. If we could, it’d probably be a lot easier to move from hating to understanding. Maybe that’s why the Bible makes it clear that when it comes to judgment, that call is God’s to make.

In this series we will hear faith testimonies from leaders and students about how God is MOVING in their life. Hear a high school student share their faith journey by clicking here.

When life gets hard and things don’t turn out the way we hoped, it’s easy to believe that God is distant and that our story is over. But Easter reminds us that just the opposite is true. Through Easter we’ll discover that Jesus is a God who isn’t distant and hasn’t abandoned us. In fact, He’s always working to bring our stories back to life. Watch the first message in our brand new series here!

All relationships can be tricky, but none seem trickier in school than the romantic ones. When a relationship moves from “friends” to “more than friends” status, things can get complicated in a hurry. In this series, as we look at what God’s says about how we treat others and how we allow them to treat us, we’ll see that being more than friends doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. See two of our messages in the series by clicking here and here.

There’s no formula for knowing everything about God, but there are a few things you can do to get to know Him better. In this series, we’ll take a look at a few unique ways all of us can get to know God better. Click here to see Student Minister Brandon Acree kick off the series with our baptism celebration service. Click here to see Associate Minister Jeremy Thiess conclude the series at Crosspoint Students Unite on the Crosspoint, Niceville campus.

Crosspoint Students is kicking off a brand new series that will ask the question, “Who Needs Christmas?” Seriously, who needs it? Well, as it turns out, maybe we all do. In this series, we’ll discover just how important the Christmas story really is—for all of us. Click here to view part one of the series.

Crosspoint Students will continue the series this Sunday night called “Reality Show.” Throughout this series, we’ll learn how God can use EVERY family–even broken ones–for His glory. Click here to view the first message in this series.

Throughout these three weeks of “Measure Up”, we’ll learn that instead of living a life in the shadow of others, we can be free from the trap of comparison when we look to God to find our worth. See the messages online here.

Crosspoint Students is kicking off a brand new series called “Through The Darkness.” Throughout this series, Crosspoint Students will learn that even when life hurts, we can find a way out of the darkness that leads to healing by trusting in the One who is leading us.

Crosspoint Students is kicking off a brand new series called Stuck on Sunday, August 27. In this series, we’ll discover that God’s heart is for us to live free from the things that keep us stuck. We’ll see that God has the power to get us unstuck and move us forward in the story He’s writing for our lives. Start off watching the series by clicking here.

Crosspoint Students is diving into our new series, “IF/THEN” in July.Throughout this series, we will be learning about how we can learn more about who we are based on how Jesus described Himself throughout the Scriptures!

Click here to view part one of the series. Parents you can join us on this journey too through downloading and reading the Parent Cue.

Join Crosspoint Students as we begin our brand new series, “Crew” Sunday night, June 4. Throughout this series, we will look to the Bible for advice about our friendships and discover that one of the best things we can do for our crew is to be their friend on purpose.

Click here to view part one of the series. Parents you can join in the journey through the Parent Cue.

In this series we will hear faith testimonies from leaders and students about how God is MOVING in their life. Hear our Student Minister Brandon Acree share some of his story as the first message in our series.

Have you ever been to a concert? Maybe you had tickets for great seats. Maybe you were in the nosebleeds. Either way, you probably noticed that everyone had the same goal in mind, to get as close as possible. No matter how good your tickets are, you can only get so close. It seems that only special people — people with an all-access pass get to go behind the scenes. You might feel the same in your relationship with God – like there’s certain parts of our faith that tells us those parts are restricted to special people, to church-staff people, or to super-spiritual people. But what if that’s never what God intended? In this series we’ll explore what the Resurrection of Jesus really meant— for real people like us. And, we’ll discover that we have an all-access pass to Him and to the life He has for us.

Click here to view part one of this series. View the Parent Cue to learn how to engage this topic with your student at home.

Have you ever seen one of those really crazy celebrity headlines or photos on social media and thought, How embarrassing?! Maybe you’ve thought, I would never do that! Or, I’d never say that. Or, I’d never wear that in public. But the truth is, we’ve all done things that we wish we hadn’t. We’ve all had a most embarrassing moment…or a few of them. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little redfaced every once in a while, but when that feeling of shame carries over to how we see ourselves, how we treat others, and even what we think about God, it can be really harmful. As we explore what the Bible says about our best and worst moments, we may just discover that the best thing we can do with one of the worst feelings is to shame…less.

Click here to view part one of this important message. View the Parent Cue to learn how to engage this topic with your student at home.

Are you satisfied in your relationships? In this message our panel of leaders unpack what the Bible says God’s design is for sex, dating, and intimacy in our relationships; and give practical guidelines for how you can life a life of healthy, life-giving, satisfying relationships with God and those around you. God wants you to be satisfied in your relationships! Click here to view the message.

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